Are you bored of all those household chores you've still yet to
do?  Let our Guys come and do them for you, and to make it fun
we do it in very little clothing.  We offer exquisite residential
cleaning and organization services using all male, professional
maids who are experts in detail cleaning and organizing, as well
as many other services you will find helpful.
Why Choose Our Cleaning Service?

Aside from the quality of professionalism that we
provide, we work and clean in nothing but our
socks and underwear.  Now how's that for
service?  So sit back, relax, and take in the view
while we make your place sparkle and shine.  
Whatever your requirements, we'll customize a
cleaning service program to suit your needs
perfectly.  Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly
service, or even just a "one-time only", you can
count on Jocks in Socks Cleaning Service to get
the job done.  We're first rate, top-notch, sexy
and fun.  We offer gift certificates that make
great gifts for any occasion including
Bachelorette Parties and Birthdays......
Services Provided:
- Garbage removal
- Vacuuming all rooms
- Bathrooms
- Kitchens
- Dusting all Furniture
- Windows
- mopping hard floors
- Cleaning foyers
- Clean stairwells
- Cobwebs removed
- Ceiling fans cleaned
- Pictures dusted
- Mirrors cleaned
- Window sills
- Furniture vacuumed
(we also do slight handyman services including moving
furniture, changing light bulbs, leaky faucets, we can
help do Lots of things around your home)

Every job is customized to what You want!
Jocks in Socks Cleaning Rates.......

$50 an hour (minimum 2 hours per job)
10% Off First Time
Clients......And 10% Off with

Call to learn more

PHONE - 740-317-2874
EMAIL- sbkennels@yahoo.com

contact us so we can schedule a time
to clean your needs and we look forward
to you seeing a lot more of us soon **